Kece Abis, Penampilan Menawan Anne Marie Serba Pink

JAKARTA, SUARADEWAN.com — Di era album terbarunya nanti, Bintang pop Anne-Marie bertransformasi menjadi serba pink, baik rambutnya maupun gaya busananya.

Transformasi Anne Marie ini dengan serba pink ini dimulai saat mengumumkan dirinya akan segera come back. Tak lupa juga, cover dari single pertamanya lengkap dengan warna pink yang manis banget.

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Menggunakan setelan dengan warna pink juga tidak kalah menarik, kok! Boleh dicoba, nih! Ide outfit serba pink ala Anne-Marie yang simple dan menawan.

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We all have a different journey. We are all meant to do different things, live different lives and become whoever we are meant to be. You can’t compare yourself to others and their lives because we are born to live different lives. You might not have what they have but they also don’t have what you have. What do you have? Really think about it. It can be anything from a new family member who has just joined the world or a great pair of trainers that have been with you for years that have so many memories attached to them. Do you appreciate what you have? Do you have a best friend? Have you lost a best friend? We need to appreciate life and it’s challenges. If you are fortunate enough to have enough, give to others. Life is a big long lesson with so many different classes and each day we learn something new. One thing I learn everyday is that tomorrow will be better. And I will always do my best to be a good person. Sending my love to anyone who is struggling today. Tomorrow will be a little bit better 💓

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Pesona tetap manis meskipun selfie tanpa make-up.

Coba deh! Tampil stylish dan swag serba pink ala Anne-Marie yang kece abis! (ak)

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Woof, I'm lonely.

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